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What’s Wrong with Coding Challenges

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I’ve had a handful of coding challenges to do in short space of a week and have seen a lot of variability. Some employers as you to write a program that does something like converting numbers to words – this is a short algorithm and could be done in under 100 lines. I’ve been praised for a good clear design and readability, but at other times have been rejected because they wanted to see design patterns and more “OO principles” applied. However, in the development industry – all unnecessary “overkill” code is a waste and should not be done without a good reason.

I’ve had other challenges asking for console input/output, which didn’t emphasis on if they wanted TDD (which should be the case by default).

A good problem gives a business situation rather than asking to write a program that does something. A shopping cart with an addition issue of applying offers – buy X and get X or Y at a discount or free. Z% discount on a product or a category, etc… seems to be one of the most common challenges.



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January 31st, 2014 at 8:44 pm

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