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The Kashans Test

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Joel did some excellent work in helping evaluate if we’re quiet there yet or not in terms of the inefficiencies we face during development and how much hair pulling needs to be done to just write code. Twelve years on with “Agile” being attempted it’s worth a review.

Working as a consultant, and talking with other developers,the attitude to development is “You can’t make an Omelette without killing a few people”, so the general approach many developers follow is just follow the process and get on with it. But it’s worth checking where you stand. It’s definitely more concrete than the Drake Equation.

Kashans Test

1. Source Control (+1 if you have one, -1 if you zip and merge, or use excel to track changes, 0 otherwise).

2. How long do stand-ups take (+1 if 1 min/person, 0 if more, -1 for what standup?)

3. Are there automated UI tests (+1 for yes or if not needed, -1 for none).

4. How long does the build take (+1 for <15 mins, -1 for more).

5. Do you get the “talk” if you break the build (-1 if you do, +1 if you don’t) – team spirit is important, but the underlying cause needs to be checked if it breaks a lot.

6. Do you have requirements to work against (-2 if you don’t, -1 if you have access to people that do, 0 for some document, +1 if there are stories).

7. As a developer are you required to be “well rounded” in large projects – i.e. is the project missing a PM, BA, QA, User (-2 if missing some, -1 if missing one, +2 if all are available).

8. When developing do you get OutOfMemoryExceptions, dribble your fingers on the table for build to happens, tests to run, etc… (-1 if you do, +1 otherwise).

9. Do you have 55 hours weeks outside release cycles (-1 if you do, +1 otherwise).

10. Does your company host developer social events? (-1 for no, +1 for yes).

11. Do all Devs have local test databases and are able to check in database changes using delta scripts? (-1 for no, +1 for yes).

I wouldn’t be surprised if this needs review in a few years with practices being adopted and standardized depending on the size of the company and the developer community in that area.

Written by zkashan

March 9th, 2013 at 5:52 pm

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