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Fixing Pair Programming

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I’ve noticed that once a person starts on a new project, he tries to understand the dynamics and the potentials of the team. About two weeks down, the project team evolves and each person on the project has a small subset of people that he will pair with regularly. This could limit the understand of the keep causing potential problems when rolling-off from a project as well as egos and intimidation (

A solution proposed by Eric Plue when he manages his teams is via a pair matrix. This way, he does not assert each day that certain people must pair together, but instead, the team learns self discipline and tries to keep the pair matrix more balanced by making people who pair less, pair more when convenient. This method has been replicated well, as a result the team did not become static after some time, but more results were seen, and knowledge was spread. This is particularly helpful, because if a certain aspect of the code is latent, it  may become more clear as long as there is good pair rotation.

Written by zkashan

August 8th, 2008 at 11:12 am