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Saving the pennies, spending the pounds (or dollars)

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I came across a post about pennies in the process which reminded me of some of the high-ceremony estimation sessions that I’ve been to that seem to run days, and not everyone is utilized, and some in which I had to come up with estimation on my own with some consultation with other people in development.

Canada is planning to get rid of pennies. I went to Lebanon recently, where there is no concept of pennies. A few other countries are going down that route as well – primarily due to inflation where the purchasing power has been eroded, and to manage them becomes expensive.

Having read a brochure by GreySpark, it reminds me of the the process drag created which elongate the project such as filling out forms at the end of the different stages (which no one reads, and is only there due to the process), not considering non-functional requirements, or working on slow-dated machines, and large solutions with many projects which cause development time and the learning curve to increase. Using tools such as Resharper save a lot of  typing time, makes running tests quicker (compared to what Visual Studios provides for MSTests). Avoiding creating custom frameworks, or solving small problems which have already been solved is also useful (e.g. ConcurrentDictionary in C# for storing values with its AddOrUpdate method, System.Lazy for singletons, an using (P)LINQ rather than writing loops are .Net 4.0 code specific examples).


Written by zkashan

June 5th, 2012 at 6:26 pm

.Net going dynamic

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I had a conversation recently, which was more of a lead-up.

It began with when was ‘var’ introduced (.Net 3.0) and why (Linq).

Thus, what about dynamic (.Net 4.0) and why?

The why is interesting. “To be a fake dynamically-typed language like Ruby”, or a more honest answer – to avoid the pain when integrating with IronRuby where before 4.0, reflection had to be used to call on its members. Now with help from the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) pain resolved…. I wonder if there will be anything interesting in .Net 4.5

Written by zkashan

May 20th, 2012 at 5:05 pm

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