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My driving instructor told me that he used to be a contractor at IBM and several other companies in the past. Now he does small freelance work and driving with his primary source of income. In one of the lessons he told me that when he used to go to meetings, one of the primary objectives was to off-load a “monkey off your back” or “put your monkey on someone else’s back”. This way, an issue becomes someone else’s problem.

When I started working at thoughtworks I realised after a few months that there were no such meetings, and each “story” card that was worked on, if unresolved, we could either swap in a different pair, get advice from peers, or ask the tech lead for guidance. There have been stories which turned into mega stories and we had to prioritise things accordingly. But I never noticed that ending a problem was to throw off to someone else.

Written by zkashan

August 6th, 2008 at 9:48 am

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