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Are we a Full Microsoft Shop?

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Quiet frequently, talking to people in small or medium sized companies one of the most common question I ask is the technologies they are using. I get the common response that they are a full Microsoft shop and useĀ  Microsoft products only.

Probing furthur I usually discover that it is usually because they are using C# and .NET technologies. More commonly Cruise Control, SUbversion, NANT, and NHibernate are frequently being using and are not attributed to being Microsoft product, but rather open source software developed in C#. Microsoft has its own version of Source-Control, and testing framework that is not commonly used yet.

The only place I would truly consider as being Microsoft Shop are many of the Gold Partners. Many exist, especially in the Guildford area that say that they don’t use anything unless it is developed by Microsoft. Even though it has the benefit that the development effort is more concentrated, however, there is an issue of group-think.

When there is group-think, new idea is not necessarily created, but rather if the group starts going in the wrong direction, there is no turning it around. Whereas in open source communities the audience and wide and has direct to access to the inner workings of the software, thus is likely to be high of creativity and adoption of principles.

Written by zkashan

November 22nd, 2008 at 10:55 am

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