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The Truth about Development

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If we’re being honest, I think a lot of us would like to continue to be developers, learn and invest ways in making coding efficient, quick, maintainable, and flexible. In essence, we’d like to remain forever young. However, time flows in one direction. And the tracks we leave behind get etched in what we do and write. I still remember the first team I worked with, the first interview, the first code review. They’ve left their mark.

As a Developer, I’ve always believed in the power of technology. But it’s a mean and not and end in itself. And coding and automation may not always be the only solution. A strong skills in analysis, project management, and being able to research the best solution and architect-ing a solid design are all just as vital but are sadly left out in most of the evaluation processes.

As a consultant it always puts things in perspective to deliver a working evolving system whether it is a throw-away application to be used for a year, or something that will remain a core part of the system 20 years later, it is the question of what is the best system and solution to what I’m being asked to deliver.


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July 24th, 2012 at 8:46 pm

New Job, New Life, New Career Path

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As I begin new work, I encountered an interesting post on job hunting.

Watching one of the current affairs programs, here are some strong words which I remember (in an economy where over 2000 people are loosing work every day):

“I’ve been crying through the nights,

and I’ve been up all hours

keep looking what I can’t believe how the markets have gone down

I’ve had the Internet running til 2-3 O’clock in the morning,

having a look,

hoping that just perhaps the markets around the world have picked,

jobs are being created again,

that there are new openings once more.”

“Its just not fair – big banks gambling and getting billions,

but they’re not helping us, we just have to suffer through it.”

“Every morning I hear the postman coming,

and you just know that it’s going to be another bill.”

In response to government increasing their savings guarantee of £34,000 to £50,000:

“I’ve been affected by financial problems 5-6 years now.

It’s not just over the last few days, few months that’s had a problem.

I mean I’ve always been on a low income and struggling with rent, bills, expenses and inflation.

Savings up to 50k – anyone with that much saving is in a very fortunate position.

It doesn’t affect me too much, or my family because we’re not in that position

where we can worry about our savings, 50k is a bit of a dream for us.”

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November 22nd, 2008 at 11:30 am

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Redesign or Refactor?

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A Thoughtworker, Developer by choice, but with an age-old problem. He can make the artistic choices of patterns and models which embeds itself through the life of the code on the system. But like each of us, he has trouble chosing which road to travel, especially when that road winds deep into a territory from which there isn’t always a return.

If he takes one road over the other, there is no turning back.

The song remains unsung, a wish, unfulfilled. Even with the solution present, there is the chill of an eternal loss. For every choice made, wrong or right, a thousand alternatives will be denied. When tomorrow calls, sometimes the heart must be denied. For this Thoughtworker, there will be other tomorrows, other joys, and yet …fading …fading. For one trembling instant, he was given the opportunity to make choice between the path he will take, and the alternative future. Some snapshots remain forever undeveloped in the darkness of time.

— adapted from The Twilight Zone

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August 5th, 2008 at 10:25 am

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